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Tube amp Hall of Fame #9
Two Channel switching with AC30,
Plex Marshall, Hot Rod Marshall, Mesa "rectifier" tones.
 Deluxe parallel effects loop
4 x EL34 (Sovtek) power tubes.
100% all hand made, hand wired, point to point
all steel Torres 10 tube chassis
 Torres Orange Drop Caps throughout
click on that there thing
Channel Switching.
Two completely independent channels. Channel #1 is clean,
 Vox AC30 tone. Crisp and clear with that classic Vox Vibe.
 BUT - there is more to the DM-2000 Clean channel.
 It also has a "mode switch" Push Pull pot that changes the clean
sound to the tone of a Plexi Marshall clean tone.

The New princetone jr With Torres Deluxe chassis
 and chrome face plate, 2 x EL84 power tubes, reverb,
master volume, 3 x 12AX7 tubes, rectifier tube, hand wired,
 point to point, orange drop caps, hammond transformers,
Nice stuff , deluxe and hand built here in America
Outstanding original pics Thanks
1977 Marshall JMP 100w Mk 2 Master Lead

ADC Grommes custom pre-mp model 210PA by Precision Electronics Inc.

JCMrare BROWN grille
 800 - Mk. 2 Master Volume Super Lead Model: 2203
¨ Year of Manufacture: 1986
¨ ALL New filter caps
¨ 2 New Drake transformers
¨ New Svetlana EL34 power tubes
¨ 3 NOS Mullard 12AX-7 pre-amp tubes
Marshall JCM800 combo model 4210